Let’s Talk Spam

Websites are about conversion. Maybe a sale via your eCommerce, a new contact through your forms, etc… This means things like speed and security are essential but there is another issue at play: spam. The internet is more and more filled with bots that crush your site forms with everything from adult content to ridiculous marketing pitches that fill up your inbox. We come across client after client who stopped reading their website contact forms because the level of spam was so high it was like a needle in a haystack or “Where’s Waldo” to find legit leads.

Brem has you covered. All of our business hosting includes Google’s newest CAPTCHA technology that not only sniffs out and snuffs out your spam but also does so invisibly. This is important because the dreadful boxes of clicking through matching images is not only difficult and bad for accessibility but leads to fewer people reaching out. Advanced algorithms and AI to weed out spam is invaluable. That coupled with our state of the art “HoneyPot” technology tricks spam and cleans up your forms.

This is one of the “little things” that Brem sweats that turns out to be a big thing. It means new business and happy end users.

If you need state of the art hosting, contact us today.